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Alun Sperring Chef & Owner

1683 Alun travelled the world as an expat chef for many years gaining eclectic experience in famous hotels and restaurants wherever he went. He is a passionate chef with an eye for detail and a unique style. Alun’s team of Indian speciality chefs are from different regions in India and he draws on their experience and abilities. Alun also encourages a culture of learning and progression for the non-speciality Asian chefs and apprentices within the team.

Dawn Sperring General Manager & Owner

1685 Dawn was trained as a paramedic in London. She met Alun and joined him on his travels with stints in Bermuda for Michael Douglas’ families resort and in Dubai for the Jumeirah Hotel group. She is a natural talent in the service industry with great people skills, customer care and an eye for detail. Along with Alun she is passionate about great food, drink and travel and they visit India every year, always trying to experience somewhere different seeking new adventure and finding new food. Their Son's Stanley and Fletcher are already well traveled foodies they join Alun and Dawn on their many adventures.

Kitchen Brigade

The skills and experience of the specialist chefs allow Alun to innovate while staying true to traditional Indian methods. The core team represents the distinct cuisines of India’s capital, the southern states of Kerala & Tamil Nadu, the desert state of Rajasthan and West Bengal on the mouth of the Ganges.
They are proud to support young chefs seeking to learn their trade as well as expand their horizons. To help young people take the first steps towards a career in the restaurant industry they run an apprenticeship scheme in association with a number of local colleges.


Sharing the kitchen’s high standards and passion for Indian cuisine the service team at The Chilli Pickle is as equally important. The international team pride themselves on prompt and attentive service with a knowledge of the food and drink that is to offer and always with a smile.
Both teams are supported by our very experienced and motivated management.